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Map of Africa Last data edit / upload: 21/01/2023
A few images from West Africa

West African Vegetation – A vegetation data network for West Africa

This is a database for vegetation data from West Africa, i.e. phytosociological and dendrometric relevés as well as floristic inventories.

You need to create a free account to access the full functionality of the database. However, guests may search for data and view public datasets.

Registered users are provided with a private working environment to manage their vegetation data. They can enter or upload datasets, edit their data online as well as use the data clipboard to search for and download vegetation data in different formats. Datasets uploaded or entered to a user account can be kept private, selectively made available to other registered users or they can be made public. Only public datasets will be visible to all users of this site and are at the same time made available to GBIF.

However, each data search will show a gross summary of all datasets, accessible and currently inaccessible to you, and will hence help to identify potentially available data for your research project. You may subsequently send an email enquiry for data sharing to the data owner.

This map shows the geographic distribution of current data holdings of the West African Vegetation portal.

Please cite this site as follows:

Schmidt, M:; Janssen, T.; Dressler, S.; Hahn-Hadjali, K.; Hien, M.; Konaté, S.; Lykke, A.M.; Mahamane, A.; Sambou, B.; Sinsin, B.; Thiombiano, A.; Wittig, R.; Zizka, G. 2010. West African Vegetation Database.

URL: www.westafricanvegetation.org

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